What the rise of xG contributed to theory and what it did not
Reframing a macro and micro general theory of soccer
John Maynard Keynes begins his magnum opus, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by explaining why he has titled the book the “General…
Slouching with mixed success toward a semi-coherent framework
Don't take event data at its word
Where Alex Morgan, Christen Press and the CAPM meet
Leaving the numerator and going down below
Taking our projected player contribution abilities and combining them with opportunities to contribute to project actual contribution.
Adding back our own team effects into the target player projections
Analyzing the "Value Chain" to identify where club activities interact with player talent to affect results and contributions
Working through the first two layers of systematically projecting player contribution ability
Let's get Steps 3 & 4 started cuz they're hard as hell